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Throughout history, every time a new medium emerged, it brought with it the opportunity to engage with audiences in ways that were previously impossible.

When theatre first emerged, people went to see films of workers leaving factories. As the medium evolved, new forms of storytelling emerged, such as the miniseries format, which allowed for a more immersive viewing experience that a traditional movie could not provide.

Television has also evolved, with new formats and types of content being introduced.

The next evolution in TV starred a family which involved a wild kid, a mom with blue hair, and a lazy doughnut-obsessed slob dad, and on top of that, it was a cartoon!

When the Simpsons were initially pitched to the board of the young FOX channel, the executives were sure this will be a flop, but luckily for us, the Simpsons was a great success and were the beginning of a new type of adult animated content.

Every time a new medium appears it’s different from anything we knew before and requires new ideas and creativity to utilize its potential.

VR and AR is the new medium.

The possibilities with VR and AR are endless, as we can combine elements like stories, interactivity, 360 experiences, 3D and 2D graphics, interfaces, sound, user data, communities, 360 cameras, and the ability to blend real and virtual worlds.

We have the opportunity to use space and time in ways we have never experienced before.

We are currently at ground zero of VR and AR, with so much potential for exploration and innovation.

To create new experiences in this new medium, we must be open to new ideas and be willing to create something entirely new.

Forget everything you know!

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