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The Urgent Need for 3D Infrastructure

We are all witnessing great improvements and new technologies and applications emerge each day, allowing us to try on digital glasses, check out virtual furniture in our living room, look at virtual fashion, and try on virtual shoes, all part of the metaverse.

The biggest challenge that is growing and yet needs to be solved –is the creation of all of these 3D assets.

All of the apps, filters, and virtual showrooms, are not worth anything if the virtual showrooms are empty, and are not able to populate with high-quality #digital content.

This creates a huge opportunity for whoever will be able to solve this problem and with that become the #3D#Infrastructure of the world (or the #metaverse ).

I view these 3 as the main challenges currently for the companies trying to solve this:

1. Manual Creation:

Assets are mostly created manually with artists – hence labor intensive, high costs, and long delivery time (not to mention quality issues which cause a back-and-forth recreating).

2. Specialization:

Just like in real life, different 3D and digital markets require specialization – for example when creating a 3D shoe, you don’t use the same tools, artists, and processes as when creating a 3D dress or digital glasses.

3. Holistic Approach:

This means thinking about the whole process as building a virtual factory, which begins with a smooth and fluent process for receiving the object data from the customer, outsourcing and automation for any repetitive or manual, and creating and utilizing new technologies to create, manage, and analyze each product, resources, costs, creation times and more.

Utilizing some of these, I was able to improve the 3D creation platform capacity of a company I worked with by over 600% within less than 2 years, but this is not enough…

This is a huge challenge and there are several companies going head-to-head trying to solve this, and conquer this huge potential, but so far no one is there yet.


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