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This is NOT the end of the Metaverse!

While many are happy to grab a headline and claim it’s dead, I see it differently, just as I didn't envision the Metaverse as most did a few years ago, I'm not ready to claim its end now.

The Metaverse was never simply a 3D virtual world to stroll through. I failed to see the appeal of shopping in a virtual store that resembled its real-world counterpart or attending virtual conferences where distant, low-quality avatars dominated the stage. It's no wonder that these virtual metaverses remained deserted, lacking visitors.

For me, the Metaverse is the fusion of web, AR, VR, physical,

and virtual experiences, Web3 and of course AI will be playing a crucial role in this realm of interconnectedness (and not replacing it, but helping it evolve).

The Metaverse is not a destination we must seek; rather, it will surround us, and as new technologies emerge, our immersion within it will deepen.

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