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With over 2 decades in the 3D industry, serving as VP of 3D innovations, VP of Content, Director of 3D Growth, to name a few, with some of the leading technology and e-commerce companies around the globe,

I delivered solutions ranging Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality (XR) products for leading global online retailers, developing real time motion capture solutions, sensor-based arcade games, online 3D games, and assembled and led creative teams across multiple high growth companies,  


I was the CEO and founder of RealeyeZ3D, a pioneer in 3D user experience for the online Jewelry retail market, and HandsUp Animation, which completed a broad range of 3D animation projects globaly.

Currently a member of the VRARA Association.

A graduate from the Department of Industrial Design at the Bezalel Academy.









Marxent Labs





Gangly Sisters




Co-Founder & Creative Director

We strategize, build, and promote digital experiences to amplify your city’s unique culture to people around the world, and bring Metaverse solutions to Cities.


One/Twenty1 is a team of seasoned business professionals with a passion for the empowering the innovators that are creating the future ​and bringing the best VR/AR/XR and metaverse concepts to market. ​


Working with this unique Digital Fashion and Creative company to advise on Business Dev, Innovation, Strategic Partnerships and 3D.

3D Growth & Innovation Advisor

Led the business strategy plan, improving the current deliverables, and helped the company pivot and create a strategy to use the unique proprietary technology into new market verticals.

3D Content & Operations Advisor

Assessed new business verticals that include digital asset flow from high-level estimations, setting goals, milestones, 3D content team org structure, hiring and training middle management and teams.

3D Innovation Advisor

Worked with senior management and led the business scale-up efforts within the existing home-commerce vertical, and evaluated additional verticals for future company growth

3D Network Growth Advisor

Led the business scale-up efforts within the existing home-commerce vertical, managed 3D operations, hired management teams, and evaluated additional verticals for future company growth. Advising and deciding on platform solutions, creating new work processes, resolving scale-up challenges, and restructuring the 3D team.

3D/AR Content Advisor

Joined the company at it's infancy, and tasked with scaling up the company’s 3D capabilities and platform all while delivering profitability at large-scale production. Created 3D and QA teams, setting goals and OKR's, data parameters and analysis.

3D Avatars Advisor

Advised the company to assess their Avatar solutions, and followed through to deliver AI solutions and prove the Company’s technological capability to create real-time 3D Avatars based on actual users in a scalable way, built and manage the 3D avatar internal teams, and outsource teams.

Founder & CEO
CEO and Founder

RealeyeZ3D was the pioneer in online 3D solutions for luxury brands. Founded and scaled up the businesses organically from concept to profitability, achieving several million $ in global sales. Clients included:

Founder & CEO

Handsup! delivered high-end 3D animation solutions to advertising agencies, marketing videos, music videos and more.

Creative & 3D/2D Advisor

Led the full process of characters, environments, style design and creation, creating animated promos and following through to later transfer to a digital comic book for a STEM project for girls.

Art Director
Led all the creative tasks, from designing the company's brand, the 3D avatars, the website and online game and concept.
Concept Director
Was in charge of the look and feel of the interactive sensor based arcade games. Created numerous designs, from 2D and 3D and managed the team of artists from the creative aspect.
Art Director
Worked with developers to manage all art direction, style for creating real time avatars and environments.
Designed and created a virtual avatar for Fashion TV.


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