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Creating Better Metaverse Experiences

As anyone who ever wondered about the many metaverse worlds and experienced terrible experiences, I wanted to outline 4 main issues the creators of these should pay attention to, which if done correctly will improve the users’ experiences and get them coming back.


Create a Full experience/engagement flow.

This begins with considering how users will enter the metaverse, the possibilities for immersive experiences within it, and what and how data will be collected and shared.


Once users are inside the metaverse, it's crucial to provide engaging and immersive experiences that keep them coming back.

Making the metaverse simple and intuitive to use is key to encouraging user adoption and virality.

Encouraging users to share their experiences and return for more, can help drive viral growth and engagement.


Create a unique experience that offers something truly special and valuable to users.

This could mean targeting specific products or markets and offering tailored experiences or simply offering a unique and engaging experience that sets your metaverse apart from the competition.


Less is often more in many instances, and the same when it comes to the metaverse, just because you can create something doesn't mean you should.

Concentrate on your core value and special added value.

Providing too many options; for example avatar customization, can be overwhelming and unnecessary, and do you really add value by having avatars at all?

It's important to consider what users truly need and want, what the main goal of the experience is, and prioritize those features.

Do you need all these empty spaces around?

Users say that they experience many empty spaces with no other users and they leave.

Empty spaces can be unengaging and boring for users. It's important to consider how to either fill those spaces with interesting and engaging content or just find another solution.

In reality, we have to travel to get somewhere, in virtual spaces it’s not a must.

To summarize -

What is your metaverse's Unique Selling Proposition?

Don’t do everything, make sure you focus on specific products/markets, target a small unique user base, and offer them an experience that is specific for them and mostly an experience that they can’t have in the real world.

By focusing on a specific niche or target market and products, and offering unique experiences tailored to their needs, your space can stand out from the competition.

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